IT Services

Trained resources are required to provide support to the users or the customers with support and information they need. The information can be related to the institution, organization, Facility or even services. A 24/7 available dedicated team of experts who can provide help desk support through different channels.

When we talk about support it also includes technical assistance. At NCR Eduservices we have a pool of resources who are technically sound with excellent communication skills to provide support over phone, email or chat. They are capable to solve queries related to operating systems like Windows or Mac OS, Support related to email clients, Internet or any specific application. These supports can be provided by remote access or the support executive can assist the user over the phone to fix the problem. They are also trained on fixing issues related to network or wireless.

When a local help is required they can always escalate it to someone who can assist the users physically.

Every educational institution who are teaching online or offline have a network and a set of users who are in need of technical assistance every now and then, Our 24/7 support can help them at anytime even during the odd hours.