Lifecycle Management


Outsourcing a service or a business always require total care and when we talk about total care, it always includes the management of customers. Customer management is a vital part of any outsourcing business. A CRM which records all the interaction, Solution which pleases the customers, Quality team who keeps an eye on the quality of solution delivered and a reporting platform to generate the required kind of reports.


We are in the market to offer services on behalf of different educational institutions to their students, teachers and support staff. We ensure that the quality of service is constantly delivered and monitored. A student when joins an institution they always have several queries in mind but don’t know where to go. A phone number can always be handy for them to approach and get resolution to their queries.

We can also manage the inventory issued to the students, teachers or other support staffs. When they need technical assistance or academic help they can always get it touch with us without the barrier of time zones. They can seek assistance during daily studies or even during the exams.

NCR Eduservices is dedicated to education industry, our commitment is to give the best to all the students. Colleges and other educational institution can just focus on teaching while leaving all other administrative job for us.