Chat Support

There is another mode of communication which is not as fast as verbal communication but also not as slow as emails. Chats are another mode of communication which allows users to interact on real time basis and at the sametime it also allows the user to save the transcript of chat. So if a user who is unable to make call can always use chat for a real time help.

For an education institution a student or a teacher who needs help instantly but unable to make a call can always connect to a chat representative and get a solution instantly. If it is regarding an academic help they can always write or paste a detailed query. Chat option will help them to explain the problem and the representative will also be able to understand it in a better way.

This is also true that chat is real time communication method and the correct choice of words are very important.

NCR Eduservices has a pool of resources who are well trained to communicate and resolve queries over chat. We have teachers who also teach online and use chat as a preferred teaching method. A bit slower than verbal communication but it has turned out to be very useful.

Chat support can be an add on asset to any institution who are looking forward to provide support to their students, teachers or even the support staff.