Education Outsourcing

We create virtual tutoring team for online tutoring, Home work help and Content Development companies around the world, different teams work in different time-zones as per requirement of job. We focus on quality with help of internal and external processes and that’s the reason we are one of the fastest growing tutoring support company.

Tutoring companies only need to focus on business expansion and customer acquisition rest everything will be taken care by us. Complete human resources, training and Infrastructure required are managed by us from our Global Delivery Center. Students learn with the help of teacher who sits physically far from student’s location through use of technology.

Our tutors maintain an online rapport that is the right blend of friendly and professional approach. As a result both tutors and the learners have already demonstrated an emotional bondage within the limitations of a virtual classroom and as a result new learning has taken place in almost every session.

Our EPO services includes Online tutoring, curriculum design, content development, lecture delivery, essay writing services, pre-publishing services, test scoring and grading services. Our Academic Lead has hands on experience of working with International learners ranging from mainstream to ethnic origins and BESD (behavioral, emotional and social difficulties) students both in primary and secondary schools. Consequently, we are accessing all the training and resources that is necessary for our learners in any part of the world.

Our tutors and academic team is from India and UK and they have got great expertise in tutoring students in more than 15 countries. We offer a blend of 1 to 1 and group studies to improve student interaction. We monitor Student’s performance and ensure their progress during term. In a Current Scenario we are delivering approximately 15,000+ sessions every month in India, Japan, US, Australia, Canada, Israel, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Singapore and United Kingdom.

We arrange regular V & A training and CPD (continuing professional development) for our tutors conducted by professional team members. We believe in growth mindset and so embrace challenges, see efforts as the path to mastery and learn from criticism. Our customers are satisfied with us and that’s the only reason we are growing every year. We provide our services to 300+ reputed Schools, Colleges and e-learning companies in India, Nepal, Japan, US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE and China.