School Recruitment

Schools are the stepping stones in an individual’s life. This is the place which decides the future of a generation. Staffs required should not only be progressive but also be a support system to rely on and teachers that can provide the best possible teaching and learning in the school.


Taking care of all these recruitment processes for school staffs should be such that it attracts suitable and rightful candidates, and drives back unsuitable candidates.

As for school management it is difficult to find the right talent who is efficient and cost effective in the given time, so we at NCR take the sole responsibility of match making between the eligible candidate and the school. Our team takes utmost care in selecting and hiring the most suitable candidates. In the past, we have done hiring for some of the very renowned schools in India.

We excel in hiring of – Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT), Post Graduate Teachers (PGT), Montessori Teachers, Primary Teachers, HODs, Principals, Vice- principals and Librarians. As we are hire entire school staffs, we also take care of recruitment of non-teaching staffs like – accountants and transport managers