E – mail support

There is no doubt that verbal communication is quicker as well as convenient than written communication. But, it cannot be documented and its storage is inconvenient. email communication is a written form of communication, it can be documented and can be presented as a proof. It does not require the people to be present at the same time for communication.

At times when the support is not required instantly a student or teacher can write an email and the email support staff can revert to those emails in the predefined time limit. Replying to an email is more crucial than answering a query over phone because emails are documented and gives an edge to the receiver of that email. At the same time they feel more satisfied when the solution is documented.

Email support has a thread of ongoing communication. This means for email communication same person is not required to continue an email  communication. Moreover, a single person can continue with multiple communications through emails at the same time. It is one of the most frequently utilized and is considered a very critical for service offering. Many people see it as more convenient than phone support.

At NCR Eduservices we have resources who can help students and teaching or the other support staffs with their queries over email. We have resources who are trained by professionals from “British Council”. We understand that written communication also has it’s own intonations and correct choice of words are also important while writing an email.


If  you are looking for email support along with voice then we have a perfect setup and team to fulfill your need and take care of your learners as well as teachers.