Content Architecture

It is said that every drop of water counts to make an ocean. In the same way to make a user friendly digital platform to deliver content or in our case the subject matter for learners , after developing a vision and thinking about the strategies to make the vision come alive it’s time to execute that plan and put that into action this serves as the main principle of content architecture.

The crucial procedure where the customers or the target audience (learners) are probed to garner their requirements and expectations regarding the content or the study material plays a vital role in delivering a good quality content. Our goal is to sail through it smoothly by leaving no stones unturned to explore through all the possibilities to understand and implement those requirements at the most efficient and optimal level.

We follow an inverse work flow that involves requirement elicitation from the target audience from where we work our way backwards to achieve the minimum set of technologies required to satisfy our desired goals and objectives.

There are three indispensable elements of Content Architecture that NCR follows: –

  • The Developers Challenge: – When the data and information is massive and ample amount of parameters need to be taken into consideration then a developer has to deal with these challenges and our developers are trained and groomed to address all these challenges with optimism and come with a brilliant product.
  • Documentation:- Every single activity is properly documented and kept in records to maintain an efficient content management lifecycle to better execution and delivery of the content.
  • Structured Content: – Our panel consisting of team of experts work seamlessly hard to come up with a scientifically designed and innovative structured content.