Our Story

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

Our journey started with a very precise observation of the education industry that our country doesn’t lack talents and still, there is a dearth of good teachers. It was our awareness that putting our efforts in multiple domains won’t bring the desired results and henceforth we focused only on education Industry from the beginning. As even though the industry is growing it lacks essential backbone and organized structure. The destination of our journey is to fill this void. The fundamental reason for this gap is the lack of platform for the right talents.

What started off from a small one-room office in Noida, India, with a team of just 5 members, we have now grown into a thriving company with a lot bigger team based in India and abroad.

Our workforce comprises of Subject matter experts, trainers, mentors, student support executives and quality control team with extensive and enriching experience of India and abroad. They just not only provide online educational support also they provide support service to the educational institutions in US, UK, Nepal, Japan, UAE, Australia, Israel, China, Canada, Poland, Singapore and many more countries.

The motto of the organisation is to bridge the gap and be the pioneer in providing student support service as well as technical support to the educational institutions. We know what we are really good at and henceforth we have focused solely on education industry only.

Our team works 24 x 7 to cater the learning and support service need of the education industry from India and abroad. No wonders that NCR Eduservices already has thousands of academicians and a large number of educational institutions from India and abroad associated.

Our ambition is to maintain our unparalleled growth and setting a quality benchmark for the industry which in turn helps to develop a better society. Our goal is to become one of the best student support service companies globally for educational institutions.